#favad//Running Makes You Feel Alive… Even for ‘The Rundead’

The Rundead is a three-minute zombie video, showing how running transforms the undead to rundead. This is Brooks’s first-ever TV ad, since it kicks off the campaign, the purpose of the ad must be absolutely eye-catching. What the ad want to convey is to tell the audience that even zombies fall in love with running, why don’t you run? Get rid of what sports brand advertising mostly did, traditional motivation and inspiration, Brooks mingles with the flurry, the humor and the warmth of elements to make the ad unique and unexpected. The ad alludes to anybody who sitting in front of TV and computers with junk food, wants every consumer can have an epiphany that running is a really delightful and meaningful thing after watching.

As a big zombie fan, I originally thought that the zombies in the ad will no longer have stilted gait after getting a pair of Brooks running shoes so that they can slaughter finally. However, it surprises me because I have never imagined before that even zombie can have emotions to stop by a girl and touch the cute kitten or put the tiny snail softly back to the plant. The huge difference makes me cannot help laughing while watching. The creative approach of the ad is that it successfully made the audience like watching a movie trailer in the beginning, got an unexpected and surprise end in the finally. The majority of the comments shows they really enjoy the ad and also want to get a pair of sneakers to run immediately.

In this advertisement, the key benefits it wants to deliver is the huge change after running, the magic and great power of running. The change from a negative to a positive way. The advertisement delivers this key consumer benefits the transformation by contrasting of many details, such as the light and expression in zombie’s eyes, the attitudes toward living people and animals, the mood they showed, running through a sunny warm uphill…everything changed after they got a pair of Brooks sneakers.


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