#favad// Ikea Just Made One of Its Loveliest Ads Yet About the Beauty of Everyday Life

The commercial starts with the young couple painting a pop art wall in an art studio, dreamy, professional, fashionable. However, with the scenes shift, I realized, they actually doing no such thing. They are just a normal young couple but not some artists painting their walls in their apartment. However, little things mean a lot. It’s like an epiphany, I understood suddenly, painting a wall in an apartment together make them feel like they are the artist working in the studio.

And the same pattern repeats, showing their wonderful and joyful life from middle age to their old. Buying a new car tantamount to competing in a race; the anniversary tantamount to a performance on the stage; playing badminton in the back yard just like winning the championship in the Grand Slam.

That’s exactly the thing impressed me most, how Ikea cut out the raw materials and edit the teaser ad. The cut from one shot to another, the same couples but different background coincide exactly, the alternative scenes of the reality and the imagination. I got confused at the first time watching it, but it is quickly revealed, that the young couple is just one of us, ordinary and normal people. But like what Ikea want to convey, nothing is insignificant. Romance, the love story will never be outdated.

What surprised me is that all the moments are just memories, the beloved one is gone, but all that memories shine. Every little moment with you is golden and valuable. The end of the commercial not just show their lives when they are old, the wife sitting there with her granddaughter but the chair next to her is empty. Then here comes the voice-over: “Enjoy the little things in life. Maybe, they are really the big things.”

The ad does offer a thought-provoking space for the audience. Let them recall the time spent with their beloved. We’re reminded that details of our daily routine—even stuff that seems trivial, like buying bookcases, beds, desks and chairs—can acquire layers of meaning as we assemble our lives.


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