Some Friendly SEO Tips Guide


According to Wikipedia, SEO stands for “search engine optimization.” It is the process of getting traffic from the “free,” “organic,” “editorial” or “natural” search results on search engines. Lots of search engines, such as Google and Baidu, have primary search results, where content and website are listed and ranked based on what is considered most relevant to users by searching engine. Because of this characteristic, company and people try varieties of ways to increase their rank on the searching results of Google. From the articles, I learn several things about how to improve the click rate of a website listed as below.

*The information of the image is from  on his “ 200+ actionable SEO Tips In one ‘Noob Friendly’Guide” available at

1.       Try to figure out who company’ s ideal customers and target customers are and what demand the service and product company offers can satisfy. Then, based on the characteristic of customers and the products, companies can create a search strategy. Creating a search strategy is not as simple as we think. When the company creating the search strategy, it has to find a few keywords that can be highly searched but are not very competitive (bring high cost). Those words should become more familiar the better you know your customer, de la Cruz-Wilson says.

2.       Use Google AdWords, Google’s online advertising program, to improve the rank. The AdWords can help people create successful ads and turn their advertising investment into revenue. They have two types of ads. One is the searching ad. The other one is the display ad. Based on the need and budget of people, they choose what they want. Besides, AdWords have lots of useful functions. For example, the AdWords allows people to target specific geographic locations. Based on the campaign, people can choose locations such as entire countries or some specific locations. All in all, Adwords can help people to create more successful ads, to increase the rank.

3.       Use Google Page Speed Test Tool to achieve 100/100. Website loading page is very important. If you rank 1st on the searching page, you may still lose your potential customers because the speed of loading your page is very slow. So achieving 100/100 is very important, and Google Page Speed Test Tool can help a lot. It can improve the speed by Optimizing images, Minifying CSS & JavaScript, Leveraging browser caching, Eliminating render-blocking resources above the fold, Enabling compression and Optimizing the mobile experience.

As for a website, the ranking is very important while people search some keywords. Therefore, people should try to improve their rank by using some useful tools.

*The information of the image is from  on his “ 200+ actionable SEO Tips In one ‘Noob Friendly’Guide” available at

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