Some Reasons Why Video Ads Should Be Used

Recently, because of Holidays, watching episodes all day long to kill time on the couch, while some small observations remind me the great important of using video ads.


*The image is from Google, available at 

According to Wikipedia, video advertising used encompasses online display advertisements. But nowadays, with the rapid development of technology, video advertising refers to advertising that shows up on internet television. Today, video advertising becomes more and more important and many brands like to use video advertising marketing, making a great success. However, some brands, such as Real Simple Magazine, still do not use video advertising. In order to boost sales and subscriptions, I regard that Real Simple should use video Advertising.

According to the research, although sales of digital editions of Real Simple increased, sales of magazines in Newsstand dropped 12% in 2015 and paid subscriptions declined 1.8%. That is because many young people do not know what real simple is and how useful its content is. If the Real Simple uses video to advertise its magazine, more and more people would know it and its subscriptions would increase.

Therefore, Real Simple should use Video Advertising, which can increase brands subscriptions and sales.


Why Video is Changing Everything for Traditional Media
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