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This blog is originally created by Yue Ma(Mary), a Chinese international student, whose major is M.S. Marketing in Hofstra University. She was inspired by one of her professor, Dr. J. Evans, started to post and share everything she loves about marketing.

Yue Ma(Mary), a bit of cranky and stubborn, with a good attitude. A bit of procrastination,  because she’s an incorrigible idealist: A marketing lover in New York. A blogger, a content creator, an ‘influencer’, a fashion lover & a grad student.

Welcome to Mary’s Marketing:  A blog dedicated to sharing what’s cool and stunning. Redefining and reshaping the stereotype of an international marketing student in U.S. Pushing the rules & boundaries of what being a ‘marketer’ is all about.

Mary’ Marketing is a multi-award shortlisted blog, these pages are filled with an eclectic mix of advertising, communication, art & fashion entwined with tales of modern marketing lover.

she can also be found Instagramming as @coolmonsterrr and occasionally Weiboing as @Coolmonster. Feel free to contact me via email mynellor@gmail.com.